JSplacement is a pseudo-random 8K displacement map generator made with JavaScript on Electron by yours truly.

It started as a fun idea made with php5-gd for 3Douchebags Slack, converted to JavaScript, and grew up into a standalone desktop app.

Latest version: 1.2.0 (May 20, 2018)

Want to support the development?

Drop a crisp dollar bill into my tip jar on Ko-Fi.com or PayPal.

Or you can send meme money such as...

BTC: 1FAAETwtg5tx2Afv2PCL1MMkjEyJDhdcLG
LTC: LU2A6Fs9gLR2MLgeiPbJg12AiRjpqGyzo9
ETH: 0xcBd3e5c25F3b831a7D4c75c0482c5F2D6CB8054C

You can also support the development by letting me know if you or someone you know encounter bugs.

Frequently asked questions

Q: JSplacement won't start at all on Windows.
A: Sounds like that very uncommon issue with 64bit binaries. Try these 32bit binaries instead.

Q: WinRAR says JSplacement is corrupted.
A: Update your WinRAR! It's an issue with old version of WinRAR trying extract rar file made in newer version.

Q: How to...?
A: Hit G on your keyboard while in JSplacement to open up the documentation. If it's not in the doc, send me an email! :)